27 December, 2013

Hello dear HAM-s, citizens of PEACE MESSENGER CITIES
Did you ever want to  be a multiplier in some contest but your dreams didn't come true?
Now it can BE DONE!
As  you are the citizen of  this town, member of Peace Messenger Cities , it means,  that your city   counts as a  MULTIPLIER  in a WW PMC contest.
Please visit our web page www.s59dcd.si Band  check  the rules for WW PMC contest.
The contest starts on  the first full weekend in 2014 (04/05th January).
For any question you can write to info@s59dcd.si
If you are not interested in contest,  please  share  this  email to your  friend from your city.
Merry Christmas and best wishes for you and your's in new year 2014.

Rajko Vavdi, S54X

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