03 February, 2014

Ice vs Antennas

 And the winner is . . . ?

ICE -  1 and 2 February 2014 caused a real catastrophe on the contest site. Would survive even one antenna . Even those who are still in the towers are distorted and unusable . Otherwise, it's not over because the night temperature is falling to - 20C ! . In short , the damage is immense and irreparable. Rebuilding will be a long and very expensive, especially going to require a lot of work and $ $ $ .There was so much ice that the antenna simply were not able to withstand the extra weight . At the top of the mast no. 2 is 90 degrees folded yagi 7 together fat iron tube 60 mm fi !The road is absolutely unsinkable cluttered with fallen trees . The horror ! Ice on the road is thick 5 - 7cm ! . A large part of the forest is destroyed because the trees could not withstand the weight of ice .Unfortunately , against the forces of nature do not take anything . It remains only to look to respect the forces of nature .Sometime in 1996 was twice sleet , and then it was not bad , but not catastrophic . This time it was devastating to the end . The only good thing is that the towers survived, but it can be determined only when the ice is dissolved . .. in May ? !73

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