14 April, 2014

Awards E.S. Penkala


On the occasion of the 143rd birth anniversary of Eduard Slavoljub Penkala, 44.hr Internet bulletin issued commemorative Awards in electronic form. Awards E.S. Penkala can win every licensed radio amateur and SWL according to the rules below. 
Each applicant must maintain ties observe the laws and regulations Ham Spirit .
Required for the qualification is in a time of 20/04/2014 (00:01) to 31.12.2014 (23:59) collect the following points:
- ES Penkala GOLD - 300 points
- ES Penkala SILVER - 200 points
- ES Penkala BRONZE - 100 points
- ES Penkala - min. 40 points
Only contacts on all amateur bands in accordance Band Plan IARU Region I, all mode. Recognized and connections made ​​during the competition. Connections made ​​through repeaters and through intermediaries will not be recognized .
For QSOs with stations 9A, HA, OM and SP in the following calculation: 9A - 10 points HA - 5 points OM - 5 points SP - 5 points

Request for ES Penkala diploma sent to the GCR template or as a text file (notepad), e-mail address    cq9aff @ gmail.com

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