25 May, 2015

144MHz. 1KW Linear Amplifier

LA 2 -1000


22 May, 2015

2m GP Antenna - Cheap !

                                                          144MHz. GP by  9A7PJT

This is very inexpensive GP Antenna for 2m band. Material for making antenne is,
One Conector S0-239
4X50cm AL. rods of 2.8mm
1X50cm Copper rod 2.8mm
4 couplings for creeping cables

NOTE - you can use 3mm rods - not critical .

Simply connect coupling with a screw on its SO conector and tighten. At the other end putting AL rods, tighten and bend at an angle of 45 °.
In the radiating element, use a copper rod, but also we can use and Al. rod.

The recommended length for the frequency 145.MHz. are
radials 50cm
radiating element 49.5cm

Length is not critical, and we can leave the elements a little longer. By connecting antenne on the SWR meter can is easily adjusted to 1: 1.1 to 1.2. SWR. Just
 cut the elements a few mm.
This antenna is not of sufficient strength to withstand high winds, but as a backup, portable or balcony antenna will be very useful. I recommend the power up to 50W FM.


13 May, 2015

BaoFeng Buys Tokyo High Power Labs !


                                 HOAX HOAX HOAX HOAX HOAX HOAX 

Quietly, without much fanfare, BaoFeng (the marketing name for PoFung Technologies) has purchased the remaining assets from the holding administrator representing Tokyo High Power Labs.
This acquisition, completed just before the end of 2014, signals the entry of BaoFeng into the HF radio market.  This was discussed in detail on QRZ.
In recent weeks, Factual Amateur Radio Technology Services have learned of a product roadmap for both amplifiers and a new HF transceiver.  We’re still gathering details, but what we’ve learned so far includes:
  • Three New HF Amplifiers, modeled after Tokyo High Power Labs models.
  • Three New HF Transceivers, with features to delight even the most critical of operators
  • A new remote base protocol
Details are still a little sketchy, but the rumored HF Transceivers are reportedly being labeled:
  • BaoFeng Hurricane (SDR with knobs, 250 watt all band transceiver)
  • BaoFeng Tornado (SDR with knobs, 400 watt all band transceiver)
  • BaoFeng Tsunami (SDR no front panel, 100 watt all band transceiver)


The rumored pricing suggests BaoFeng intends to dominate the HF Transceiver market in a similar fashion that they have supplanted the VHF and UHF handheld world.  We could not verify at this moment, but the suggested retail price for the Tsunami is $180.00 US!

Watch this site for further information and potentially some prototype photos!

                                                        STAY TUNED !