05 November, 2015

Finally SOTA in 9A !


Association: 9A - Croatia

Association Manager: Drago, 9A6NDD
The Association commenced on 1st November 2015 and currently has 5 regions (listed below) and 506 qualifying summits.

Region Manager Summits
DH - DalmatinskaHrvatska (Dalmatian Croatia) 9A6NDD
GH - GorskaHrvatska (Mountainous Croatia) 9A6NDD
IH - IstocnaHrvatska (East Croatia) 9A6NDD
PH - PrimorskaHrvatska (Coastal Croatia) 9A6NDD
ZH - ZapadnaHrvatska (West Croatia) 9A6NDD

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  1. First activation ,